Identity theft help for prevention and victims

How to Commit Credit Card Fraud

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.

Identity theft of just a few pieces of valid identification allows someone to apply for and receive credit cards or debit cards in your name. Your credit rating will quickly be damaged. Your efforts to correct these problems can literally be exhausting!

Credit Card Fraud is Easy

How easy is it to steal the numbers that identity you, get false ID, and commit credit card fraud?

A lot easier than you might think. There are traditional ways of acquiring your personal identification information:

  • Stealing your wallet or purse,
  • Accessing your credit report by posing as an employer, loan officer or landlord,
  • Stealing mail from mailboxes to obtain credit card statements, bank statements, or other personal information,
  • Taking trash bags from the street with old credit card and bank statements, and
  • "Dumpster diving" into trash bins to retrieve financial statements.
  • Dishonest employees with access to your personnel records.
  • Misdirected mail or email with personal information.
  • Phishing for data

But today hundreds of databases already exist that contain detailed information about your personal life, your buying habits and other lifestyle characteristics.

Various companies offer services that provide address, criminal, civil, and professional history as well as a list of assets and bank account numbers. Also available are your Social Security number, last six addresses, current phone number and names and phone numbers of neighbors. Some large, prestigious companies offering such information include Lexis-Nexis and West Publishing Company. Many smaller companies also provide similar services.

Identity Theft is Quick

Identity theft is getting easier and faster. Today, you can steal someone's wallet or purse--or find the right database on the Internet. This information is available in minutes with only a few click of your mouse. Here are economical products that can quickly uncover personal details.

(NOTE: Before you look at these sites, determine if you have a personal use for a private investigator. Is there something about someone your are trying to find out? These sites have birth dates, unlisted phone numbers, household residents, and other personal information. These sites gives you the tools and resources known only by private detectives--until now. You'll learn their tricks and investigative methods. OK, now look.)

Identity theft: want to use this software? For example, the Net Detective "is an amazing new tool that allows you to find out EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about your friends, family, neighbors, employees, even your boss! You can even check out yourself. It is all completely legal, and you can do it all in the privacy of your own home without anyone ever knowing."

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Identity theft doens't take much research.

Another investigative resource is People Records. Get access to Full UNLIMITED People Searches by using our 100% legal and fully organized databases, sources and data centers. You will have access to complete research tools for obtaining information about practically anyone in the United States, Canada and Western Europe!

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People Records Internet Software

What is the Best ID to Use?

The documents typically used to gather information to construct a fraudulent identity include:

  • Social Security card
  • Drivers license
  • Credit cards or bank statements
  • Telephone calling cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Passports

Nearly any document can be created if the content and form is known. You may be interested in visiting some sites that can rapidly produce necessary IDs that can allow criminals to establish fraudulent credit accounts in your name. Though these sites advertise their document replicas as being for entertainment purposes only, these documents look real enough to be used for more nefarious purposes.

Need Fake ID
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Identity theft gets a credit card
Identity theft gets a credit card
Identity theft gets a credit card
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You Can Prevent it

In spite of the ease of committing this crime, there are steps you can take to reduce your exposure to the consequences. Click on the image below.

Identity theft: help prevent it.

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