6 Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iPhone

With the fast-paced way technology has been churning out new smartphones with bigger and better features, the cellphones of old are definitely ancient history! Everyone is lugging our phones around wherever we go, and we can’t seem to live as simply as before. Our phones have become our lifeline, our bridge to the greater world outside.

Suddenly, we want everything to be instantaneous. That’s why we now have platforms that allow us to talk to someone halfway across the world so quickly, or get the latest news as it happens on the dot. The same goes for our entertainment. We want to bring our movies and music on the go with us, creating a huge demand for great applications that allow us to do so.

App creators aren’t disappointing. There are so many movie streaming applications available both in the Google Play Store and Apple Store that the problem now is how to choose. But don’t fret, here is a list highlighting six of the best free movie streaming applications for Android and Apple.

1. Megabox HD

It might be one of the newest additions to the ever-expanding supply of movie streaming applications, with only a few years to its belt, but Megabox HD has proven itself to be a worthy competitor. Easily on the top of the most downloaded list, Megabox HD boasts of a wide array of movie titles that is sure to entice anyone. As its name suggests, you can also stream your movies using mesh Wi-Fi in the best possible resolutions. But honestly, with all these features, having to watch a few commercials seems like a small disadvantage though.

2. Crackle

One other popular choice among movie enthusiasts is Crackle. Its greatest come-on is that you don’t need to sign up an account for you to watch your favorite movies. They don’t upload new movies as fast but you can still enjoy tons of great content, from classics to anime when you use this app.

3. CyberFlix TV

This app has such a high demand and following that it’s indescribable how much people are going crazy over the CyberFlix TV App. When you install this app on your phone, you not only get thousands upon thousands of amazing content, but they’re collection is curated and up-to-date as well. The user-friendly interface is such a breeze to navigate through that you won’t get lost among the many great finds on the CyberFlix TV App. You can watch all your favorite shows in top-of-the-notch high definition resolutions as if you’re in a cinema. But best of all, you can even download CyberFlix TV APK here and watch them offline, so you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time. The CyberFlix TV App isn’t available on the Google Play Store and has to be sideloaded from another site. But with all the great features that come with this app, that’s just a small trade-off.

4. Kodi

One great, innovative free movie streaming application is Kodi. Unlike other applications, Kodi is owned by a non-profit organization that constantly changes and updates its application. An amazing feature they have is that the app allows you to connect your phone and watch the movies on bigger screens, like your laptop or television.

5. Mobdro

Another amazing app that isn’t as widely known as the others on this list is Mobdro. This new free movie streaming application has the most updated library of movies and tv shows. Mobdro is also owned by a non-profit organization that allows you to watch a whole lot more content than other sites. One downside is that most movies are yet to become available to high definition resolutions. But their working on it!

6. Viewster

A cult classic for movie streaming buffs all around the world, Viewster was already the best movie streaming website before. With the expansion to mobile streaming, it has now come to play in that arena as well. Tons and tons of first-rate movies and tv shows can be viewed here in high definition resolutions. There are even extra tidbits that show information and facts about the movies you love. But what makes this app extra great is that it also has an extensive collection of anime shows.

There you have it! Six of the best free movie streaming applications for both Android and iPhone all in one list just for you. Pick one of this apps that best suits you and your needs, and enjoy a movie streaming experience like no other!

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